DATA/VIZ Services

Workforce Solutions Alamo (WSA) provides comprehensive, open-source data visualization (DATA/VIZ)  to help job seekers, employers, and partners understand and visualize the critical issues facing the Alamo region to facilitate informed decision- making for all stakeholders.

The Data/VIZ department is a new, small, and mighty department and team, led by Chief Information Officer Andrea Guerrero-Guajardo, Ph.D., MHP. They craft workforce development and top industries data into predictive, data-informed storytelling tools. Every visualization platform we build is a tailored solution that marries the needs of users and the data supporting it.

How can economic, education, and workforce data be useful? If you are an employer, nonprofit, a strategic partner, the Data/VIZ Department can help you better understand your customers and talent pool. It can inform decisions on where to open, expand, or relocate your business. Job seekers can understand the workforce needs of top employers with great opportunities for the job you want. Data can be a powerful tool for crafting Economic and workforce development policy and program implementation.

We provide valuable insight into COVID-19 disruption patterns across the Alamo region. This information enables us to understand the unique characteristics of job seekers to provide appropriate job training and workforce services.  Everyone makes better decisions with easy access to powerful, interactive analytics. Workforce Solutions Alamo (WSA) is here to support.


Get Relevant Data

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Please fill out the Data Request Form for data requests, or email the Data Department with questions.

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