Now Enrolling Eligible Children

Child Care Services (CCS) is currently enrolling eligible children in the Workforce Solutions Alamo (WSA) thirteen county region, which includes: Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Comal, Frio, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Karnes, Kendall, Kerr, McMullen, Medina and Wilson counties.

 Workforce SOlutions alamo CHILD CARE services

About Workforce Solutions Alamo Child Care Services

Workforce Solutions Alamo (WSA) Child Care Services (CCS) provides subsidized childcare assistance to eligible families throughout the Alamo Region. Counties included in the Alamo Region are Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Comal, Frio, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Kendall, Kerr, Karnes, McMullen, Medina, and Wilson. Enrollment in the child care program is subject to the availability of funds and eligible families will be waitlisted. At any time, families may call our office to check on the status of enrollment. Families are encouraged to select a child care provider who will meet their needs and provide the best care available for their children. CCS can offer a variety of options for child care. Care may be provided by a provider that is licensed or registered through Child Care Licensing, or by a relative of the child. Available Child Care Providers have an agreement with WSA to serve CCS families.  Once a WSA CCS Provider, a Provider can voluntarily meet requirements that exceed the State’s Minimum Licensing Standards for child care facilities under the Texas Rising Star (TRS) Program. We always encourage families to choose a Texas Rising Star (TRS) provider if possible.  For more information see Section on “Choose Quality Care”.

Contact Us

Hours of Operation

  • Office: 7:45AM to 4:45PM (Monday – Thursday)
  • Office: 7:45AM to 4:30PM (Friday)
  • Phones: 8:00AM to 4:00PM (Monday – Friday)

*Dropbox available 24/7 By Phone, Fax or Email

  • Call (210) 230-6300 or 1 (800) 204-7905. Our phone system is automated and will prompt you to the appropriate staff.
  • Email
  • Fax (210) 227-2716

In Person

  • Child Care Office: 9725 Datapoint, Suite 200, San Antonio, Texas
  • You may also inquire about subsidized childcare at any one of our Workforce Solutions Alamo Career Center.

Eligibility and Waitlist

Enrollment in the childcare program is subject to the availability of funds. The need for child care services is great in our community; therefore, we currently maintain a list of families interested in enrolling in the childcare program. At any time, parents may call our office to check on the status of enrollment.


You may be eligible if you answer yes to the following three (3) questions:

1. Are you a resident of one of the following Texas counties?

Atascosa, Bandera, Bexar, Comal, Frio, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Kendall, Kerr, Karnes, Medina, McMullen, Wilson

2. Are you:

  • A single parent working or in training/school at least twenty-five (25) hours per week?  or
  • A two-parent household with both parents working or in training/school, with each parent averaging twenty-five (25) hours per week?

3. Is your average gross monthly/yearly income at or below the amounts listed on the chart by family size? *Tip: Family size includes parents and all children in the household

Waitlist Application Proccess

If you answered yes to the eligibility questions, please complete the online Waitlist Application using the links below.  You can request a paper version by calling CCS at (210) 230-6300.

Sliding Fee Scale for Childcare Services


Requirements for Child care services

Agree to report changes that may affect eligibility within 14 calendar days including:

  • Changes in family income or family size that would cause the family to exceed 85 percent of State Median Income (SMI) for a family of the same size
  • Changes in work or attendance at a job training or educational program not considered to be temporary changes
  • Any change in family residence, primary phone number, or e-mail (if available)
  • Agree to report attendance through Child Care Attendance Automation (CCAA)
  • Agree to pay the Parent Share of Cost (when applicable)
  • Parents must also abide by all other responsibilities and rules related to the CCS Program.

Just because something has changed doesn’t mean you’re not eligible for CCS assistance! Therefore, report changes that occur by contacting us as soon as possible! Please remember some changes need to be reported before they occur. If you wish to change child care providers or terminate your child care services for one or all your children, please contact us prior to making the changes. You can report by one of the following:

Parents are required to use a swipe card to record attendance daily. Please see accordion below for important Child Care Attendance Card information.

Child Care Attendance Card Information

Please expand the accordian for more information regarding Child Care Attendance Cards.

Child Care Attendance Card Details
  • Parents must sign a Parent Agreement for the use of the Child Care Attendance Card.
    • You can review the CCAA parent agreement here.
  • Please watch the CCAA video here for a quick tutorial on the CCAA system.
    • *Please note that the video shows a check-out option.  You are no longer required to check-out.  One check-in per day is required.
  • Parents using a Licensed Child Care Center must use their card to swipe their children into care each day.
  • Parents using relative providers, registered or licensed family homes must use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to record their child’s attendance daily.
  • Parents must use the attendance card to report attendance and absences.
  • All non-reported days (i.e. non-swipes) will be counted as an absence.
  • Parents may request up to three additional cards for anyone who will be dropping off or picking up their children from care. Please note that the additional card holders must be over 16 years of age unless the parent of the child.
  • Parents must ensure the attendance card is not misused by secondary cardholders.
  • Parents must inform secondary cardholders of the responsibilities of using the attendance card.
  • Parents must ensure secondary cardholders comply with these responsibilities.
  • Parents must ensure the protection of attendance cards issued to them or secondary cardholders.
  • Parents must not designate the child care facility owner, director or relative care provider as a secondary cardholder.
  • Parents or secondary cardholders must not give the attendance card or the personal identification number (PIN) to another person, including the child care provider. CCS staff will investigate all allegations of fraud and penalties may include termination of services and criminal prosecution.
  • Parents must report to CCS instances in which their attempt to record attendance was denied or rejected and cannot be corrected at the provider site.

If Parents do not report attendance or absences using the swipe card:

  • Not reporting attendance could result in an absence being counted for the days attendance was not recorded.
  • If a child exceeds forty (40) total absences during their current 12-month eligibility period, the child is discontinued from care and must sit out 60 days before re-applying for the Waitlist.
  • The provider may end a child’s enrollment with the provider if the child does not meet the provider’s established attendance policy.

Parents must call Child Care Services (CCS) at 210-230-6300 to report:

  • If your CCAA card is lost or stolen;
  • If the CCAA card is not received in a timely manner;
  • If the CCAA card is not working properly; or
  • If you suspect fraud and misuse of the CCAA system.

Attention CCS Parents: If your child care services are terminated, please keep your card if you plan on reapplying for services in the future. The same card will be used to report child care attendance in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see accordion below for Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I Qualify for Child care services?

Below is a summary of the eligibility requirements for CCS:

    1. If you are a single parent household, you must be currently working and/or in job training or attending an educational program for a minimum of 25 hours or more a week. If you are a two-parent household, you must BOTH be currently working and/or in job training or attending an educational program with each parent maintaining a minimum of 25 hours or more a week.
    2. You meet the income guidelines.
    3. Your child is a U.S. citizen, or legal immigrant, and under the age of 13 years of age or under 19 years of age with a disability.
I need child care - it is an emergency. What can i do?

Unfortunately, our program is not designed for emergency assistance. We are happy to determine if you are eligible for services, however, if funds are not available, you will need to be placed on a waiting list. If you need emergency services, you may dial 2-1-1. Short term emergency child care services may also be available through Our City Cares at (210) 230-6343

will i have to go on a waiting list?

If funding is unavailable, you will be placed on a waiting list. Once on our waiting list, you will need to update your information every 90 Days. Once the funding becomes available, you will be outreached from the waiting list.

Why was my name deleted from the waiting list?

In order to stay on the waiting list, it is imperative that you call and update your information every 90 Days. Your information will be purged if it is not updated in the required amount of time. We recommend that you call at least one to two weeks ahead of the expiration date to ensure your case is updated in a timely manner. It is important to remember to write down the date, time, and the name of the specialist you spoke with for future reference.

The provider I want has openings. Why do I have to be placed on a waiting list?

Our waiting list is for funding, not provider availability. You may want to ask your child care provider if they can offer you a sliding scale fee or scholarship while you wait for CCS funding to become available.

Which providers do I use once I am on the program?

Parental choice is what drives this program. You have complete control of the placement of your child. You may choose a provider who has an agreement to serve CCS children or use an eligible relative provider.

What if I am on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)?

You need to contact your nearest Workforce Solutions Center and ask about employment and training programs. If eligible, they will refer you to CCS. To locate your neighborhood Workforce Solutions Center, please click here.

What if I am looking for a job but not currently employed or in training?

In order to be eligible, you must be currently employed, in a job training, or attending an educational program. You can contact your nearest Workforce Solutions Alamo Career Center for job placement services.

I am in care and need to transfer to another provider. What can I do?

Call 210-230-6300 and follow the prompts, as there is an option to request a transfer.  You can also request a transfer by emailing

How is my co-payment determined?

Your cost of care is determined by your average gross monthly income before taxes, including ALL household income, such as overtime, commission, bonuses, incentive pay, other employment, etc., and the number of children receiving child care subsidy.  This fee is payable to the child care provider and it is mandatory that it is paid timely.

How Can I share my Success Story?

We want to know how the CCS Program has helped you and/or your family. Click here to share your success story with us. 

How Can I Rate My Recent Experience with CCS?

We strive to offer the very best customer service possible. Please help us improve by telling us about the service you received during your most recent experience with CCS. Click here to fill out our survey.

Choose Quality Child Care

A provider with a Texas Rising Star designation is a child care provider that has an agreement with Child Care Services (CCS) to serve Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) subsidized children and that voluntarily meets requirements that exceed the State’s Minimum Licensing Standards for child care facilities.

Contact a Childcare Provider

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