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Workforce Solutions Alamo (WSA) work experience program is an opportunity to provide qualified candidates a supervised, structured learning environment to develop work habits and gain occupational skills with the goal of fulltime employment. The aim is to increase the participating trainee’s likelihood of securing regular unsubsidized employment.


To participate must be authorized to work in the United States and meet WIOA Adult Dislocated Worker eligibility and meet at least one
of the following criteria:

  • Less than two (2) years with the last employer

  • Less than two (2) years of total work experience

  • Five (5) or more jobs in the last two (2) years

  • Work skills that need upgrading

  • No work experience in the last two (2) years

  • Classroom training, but no work experience

Program Overview

  • Provide an eligible trainee for interview

  • Work Experience/Subsidized Employment Agreement, Supervisor Handbook, and Injury Report Form Documents

  • During the program, we are considered the employer of record

  • The length of the program is 240 hours extensions based on available funding and approval

  • No incumbent employees are eligible

  • No overtime is permitted, trainees must not exceed 40 hours per week

  • No pay for holidays, sick days, or vacation

  • We cover the trainee’s liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance in the event of an onsite accident

  • Companies provide tools, supplies & equipment needed for the work experience assignment

  • Trainees must submit a bi-weekly timesheet to us for work experience payment

  • The pay period is bi-weekly

  • The pay rate is determined by the employer, which is to be the exact amount any other employee at the same level in the same position
    would be paid (prevailing wage)

  • The company notifies, our organization if a trainee misconducted 

  •  A trainee will not displace, replace, or prevent the employment of an individual not participating in the work experience program

  • Processing times takes approximately ten (10) working days to completed with accurate paperwork for participants

  • The participant must not begin work until the placement is approved  

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