The following forms will be used to submit information to Workforce Solution’s Alamo Child Care Services (CCS) Program.  For additional assistance, please call (210) 230-6300.

CCS Waitlist Form

To be placed on the Waitlist for CCS


CCS Redetermination Forms

Until you receive notification by mail from Child Care Services, do not complete the Redetermination form.

If you have already been receiving CCS and your care will soon be ending, you may be eligible to be redetermined for continued care.  CCS will send you notification via United States Postal Service and will inform you that you must submit a Redetermination form and applicable documentation.  Please be aware of the due date given to you for submission of all documents.

The notification you receive will tell you which of the following Redetermination forms is appropriate for you.


CCS Intake Form

Until you receive notification by mail from Child Care Services, do not complete the Intake form.


Employment Verification Forms


Status Change Form

  • To report changes in Contact Information, Family Size/Composition, Activity Changes (job loss, new employment, school ending, etc), Income Changes (bonus, raise in pay, etc.), and Care changes (suspend care, transfer providers, voluntary withdrawal)


Residency Form


Customer Service Survey – How Can We Improve?


Success Story: Share Your Story

  • We want to know how Workforce Solutions Alamo has helped you and/or your family.  Please take a few minutes to tell us about how the program has assisted you in staying enrolled in school, graduating from high school or college, obtaining a certificate from a training program, helped in keeping you in your current job, getting a promotion, or something you would like to share.

If you’re having trouble accessing the online forms, please call CCS at (210) 230-6300.

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