As Chief Mission Services Officer, Angelique leads the Goodwill San Antonio mission efforts to fight poverty and create opportunity by providing educational and career services to individuals and youth within the Agency’s 24 county service area.

Angelique also oversees all communication, engagement, and marketing efforts to connect the community to the Goodwill mission through a variety of platforms. Angelique previously served as the Director of Business Development and VP of Business Services before assuming the role of Chief Mission Services Officer.

She currently serves as a steering committee member for the San Antonio Digital Inclusion Alliance. Through all these positions, Angelique has been passionate about finding effective ways to collaborate with the community to improve individuals’ access to opportunity and continues to be dedicated to equipping our community with tools for economic mobility. Angelique holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and management from the Catholic University of Lille, France, and an MBA from Saint Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.

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