Targeted & Demand Occupations

Workforce Solutions Alamo continuously evaluates the regional training capacity for occupations targeted for investment of regional workforce development resources under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Distributing workforce development resources efficiently and effectively is critical to preparing labor to (1) be absorbed by the regional economy and (2) support the continued growth of critical regional industry clusters.

The Targeted Occupations List identify occupations targeted for WIOA funding. This includes the occupations meeting the WSA primary data targets:  Percent Growth > or = 22.6 % ( % Change) , and or an Absolute Change ( Number Change) > or = 500, hourly wage > or = $11.68 Median Wage.

A broad set of demand occupations are identified by the Workforce Solutions Alamo as potential resource targets for non-WIOA funding. This includes the Texas Workforce Commission identified “Fastest Growing Occupations”, “Occupations Adding the Most Jobs”  and  “Occupations with Most Project Annual Job Openings” and or Local Wisdom.

As part of the annual strategic planning process, Workforce Solutions Alamo identifies occupations demonstrating strong regional growth potential and providing the best employment opportunities for local job seekers. These occupations guide the training at the WSA Workforce Centers under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Much of the existing labor market data for the research process is derived from the Texas Workforce Commission Labor Market and Career Information (LMCI) database, starting with industry and employment projections for the Alamo Workforce Development Area. Research is further validated from online employer surveys. The information provided may not include the latest evolving and emerging occupations and associated skills shortages.


Career One Stop is sponsored by the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration.Funding is available to eligible applicants for a wide variety of occupational/vocational training programs. Click here for a list of all approved training programs and providers serving the Alamo Area.

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