Child Care Attendance Automation

The CCAA system is designed to accomplish three goals:

  • Give parents the responsibility for reporting child care attendance;
  • Ease the burden of child care claims on child care providers and child care contractor staff; and
  • Provide tracking and independent verification that a child attended the child care facility.

You can review the CCAA parent agreement here.

Please watch the CCAA video here for a quick tutorial on the CCAA system.

Parents must call Child Care Services (CCS) at 210-230-6300 to report:

  • If your CCAA card is lost or stolen;
  • If the CCAA card is not received in a timely manner;
  • If the CCAA card is not working properly; or
  • If you suspect fraud and misuse of the CCAA system.

All unreported attendance will be counted as an absence and will be added to the child’s absence total.  If the child exceeds the maximum number of absences, child care services will be terminated at the end of the 12-month eligibility period and the child will be ineligible for services for 12-months.

CCS parents must ensure that the child care provider never possesses, or has on the premise, attendance cards without the parent being present at the provider site. CCS staff will investigate all allegations of fraud and penalties may include termination of services and criminal prosecution.

Attention CCS Parents: If your child care services are terminated, please keep your card if you plan on reapplying for services in the future. The same card will be used to report child care attendance in the future.