Career Centers

Job seekers can find their way to employment through the local network of Workforce Solutions Alamo Career Centers, which offer a wide array of no-cost workforce services. Whether jobseekers are unemployed and looking to reconnect to the workplace or employed and looking for a career change, the Workforce Solutions Alamo Career Centers have something for everyone.

Job seeker services include:

  • Job matching and referral
  • Job development and placement assistance
  • Career counseling
  • Information on available training providers and programs
  • Information and referral to available community resources for services such as childcare, transportation and housing assistance
  • Financial assistance for training for qualified individuals
  • Self-administered interest and aptitude tests
  • Job search workshops on resume writing, job applications, conducting an effective job search and more


Each Career Center features a self-service resource room with everything needed for a successful job search. Here job seekers will find up-to-date job postings, access to computers and the Internet, resume-writing software, copiers, printers and telephones. They can create a resume, print it and fax it to potential employers.

The resource room also has a variety of career information and materials (books, videos, CDs, newspapers, etc.). jobseekers can learn about types of jobs available in the local area, which jobs offer the best opportunity for employment, the education and skills required, what the work environment is like and what various jobs typically pay.  A friendly and professional staff is available to provide customers at the Workforce Solutions Alamo Career Centers with personalized assistance if required.

Below, you will find an interactive map that includes all career center locations within the Workforce Solutions Alamo Board region. Place the cursor over each career center location for more information. 

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